Blight Spitter

Crooked Bow

weapon (ranged)

Body Slot: Held
Activation: Free (See text)
Weight: 11 lbs.
+2 unholy crossbow
When Blight Spitter deals combat damage to a creature, roll randomly on a disease chart. That creature must save vs. the disease’s infection DC or become afflicted with that disease. Any time Blight Spitter deals damage to a creature, that creature must succeed a DC 16 Will save or be hexed. The Hexed creature takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls, saves and skill checks until a Cure Spell is cast on them.


The Blight Spitter is a vile weapon. Built only to sow darkness where ever it travels, blight spitter was the concoction of an angry evil cleric. After he was slain, the adventurers who took it off his body could not deny the power of the weapon, despite it’s dark purpose.

Blight Spitter

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