Bow of the Frozen North

Chilly Bow

weapon (ranged)

Body Slot: Held
Activation: Move (Drawn)
Weight: 9 lbs.
+2 distance, icy burst, composite long bow.
The wielder of the Bow of the Frozen North may use ordinary snow to string his bow. As a move action, the wielder of the bow may grab snow off the ground (if any) and touch it to the bow’s shaft. The snow instantly forms into a masterwork arrow that can be fired by the bow. Anyone who equips the bow benefits from an “Endure the Elements” effect.


The Bow of the Frozen North is a thing of a bygone age. Created during the time of a great ice age, it seems to have lost a great deal of it’s original power. While time has not been kind to this bow, it is still as sturdy as the day it was built, and a portion of it’s considerable powers remain.

Bow of the Frozen North

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