Dead Reckoning

Here and There

weapon (melee)

Body Slot: Held
Activation: Standard (Command)
Weight: 4 lbs. (2 lbs each)
Dead Reckoning count as a +2 pair of throwing, speed, twin daggers.
Any time a creature is struck by dead reckoning in combat, Dead Reckoning’s wielder may teleport the targeted creature 30 feet directly in front of them. 3 times per day, Dead Reckoning’s wielder may literally strike at the shadows, preventing the target from defending effectively. By stabbing the target’s shadow, you may make a single attack roll against an opponent that uses their touch rather then normal AC.
The above abilities are only viable if both Dead and Reckoning are wielded at the same time. If only one dagger is wielded at a time, or one is disarmed during combat, they both revert to being +1 Kunai.


Dead Reckoning is a set of knives, one with the word “Dead” and the other with the word “Reckoning” carved into their blades. Dead and it’s twin Reckoning are the weapons of thieves, cut throats and other unsavory characters.

Dead Reckoning

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