The Mother of Swords

weapon (melee)

Body Slot: Held
Activation: Move (Drawn)
Weight: 7 lbs.
+4 defending, ghost touch, returning, orihalcon longsword.
Eterne’s primary power is to summon the souls of any warrior who has grasped the sword’s hilt and been deemed unworthy by the weapon. Eterne creates a spectral army of warriors (Use wielder’s stats for individuals) that fight to the death under the wielder’s command. Summoning the warriors happens automatically when ever Eterne is drawn. Eterne is slightly intelligent, and refuses to let unworthy hands lose her from her scabbard. Any creature that attempts to loose Eterne from her scabbard must submit to the sword’s test. He must fight all 100 phantom warriors to claim the sword. Once the last warrior is defeated, Eterne must be sheathed and redrawn. The Warriors will grant their fealty to the sword’s new master. If the creature dies in battle, the sword will claim the creature’s soul, making it’s army 101.


Eterne is the coveted “Mother of all Swords”. She has existed since the beginning of time, said to be prized as the ultimate weapon. Kingdoms have risen and fallen, but Eterne remains. Eterne is true to her nature, cold and uncaring. She kills without remorse and chooses without discrimination. Only a truly great warrior may grasp Eterne’s hilt.


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