Known for their red hair and eyes, quick to become angry, Salamanders are aelves of fire that are proud of their strength. They tend to be arrogant and thickheaded. They excel in destruction magic.

  • +4 Strength
  • Natural Tail attack 1d4
  • Medium Size Category
  • +2 damage with fire spells
  • -1 Mana for fire Spells
  • 1d10 HP Dice Class
  • 1d4 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d12 Stamina Dice Class

They usually come in many shades of green. The fastest of the aelves, no one can beat them in a race. They enjoy floating along the ground as they show off their wings. They’re very chill, but sometimes even lazy.

  • +10 base land speed
  • Fly at base land speed 3 times per day (10 rounds)
  • Medium Size Category
  • +2 damage with air spells
  • -1 Mana for air Spells
  • 1d8 HP Dice Class
  • 1d10 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d8 Stamina Dice Class

Aelves of water and colored like water, Undines may have trouble walking on land at first, but fighting one underwater is like suicide. These narcissistic creatures have melodious voices and are masters of healing.

  • Swim Speed 40
  • +2 bonus to AC when in water
  • Fast Healing 2 when in water
  • Medium Size Category
  • +2 damage with water spells
  • -1 MANA for water Spells
  • 1d8 HP Dice Class
  • 1d12 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d6 Stamina Dice Class

These bulky aelves are masters of the earth and are very jolly. It requires a lot of effort to get through their defense. They like good beer. Usually tan from the fires of their forges, gnomes are skilled craftsmen in all areas, the best weapons in Alfheim were said to have come from the mysterious Wayland Smith.

  • +4 Constitution
  • +2 AC bonus
  • Master Smiths- Gnomes gain a +4 bonus to Craft checks.
  • Medium Size category
  • +2 damage with earth spells
  • -1 Mana for earth Spells
  • 1d12 HP Dice Class
  • 1d6 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d8 Stamina Dice Class

Spriggans are the only aelves capable of using illusion magic. They love treasure and excel at treasure-hunting.

  • +4 Spot and Search checks
  • Gain Nimble Fingers Feat
  • Spriggans can use Detect Secret (detects hidden objects, doors, etc) 3/day
  • Small Size Category
  • Illusionary Spell casting (-1 Mana)
  • Low-light and Dark Vision
  • 1d8 HP Dice Class
  • 1d8 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d8 Stamina Dice Class

These tricky aelves of the night are annoying and clever. Although very intelligent, they prefer spending their time playing pranks on other aelves. They’re very hard to catch.

  • +4 Dexterity
  • +2 Move Silently
  • Low-light and Dark Vision
  • Poison Bite attack
  • Tiny Size Category
  • +2 damage with dark spells
  • -1 MANA for dark Spells
  • Black Magic: Imps are allowed special options when casting dark spells. See spell’s description for effects.
  • 1d4 HP Dice Class
  • 1d12 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d8 Stamina Dice Class

Cat Sith:
Cat Siths are extremely good with all kinds of animals and a very experienced one can even tame monsters. They are known to be extremely agile and intelligent aelves. Noble Cat Siths are defined by their blonde hair and brown tail.

  • Wild Empathy- Cat siths always know what an animal subtype monster is thinking. They may attempt a charisma roll to change an Animal’s disposition rating from Hostile to Neutral, or Neutral to Friendly.
  • +4 handle animal and balance checks
  • Animal Companion- A Cat Sith may attempt to train an animal companion, or Pet. (Table pending)
  • Improved Vision and Hearing (240 feet)
  • Tail Weakness- Cat Siths tails are extremely sensitive, making them easy to subdue. Their tails contain unprotected sensitive nerve endings, stunning them when grasped firmly. Any player may make a touch attack to grab a Cat Sith’s tail. If successful, the Cat Sith remains paralyzed until the tail is released.
  • 1d6 HP Dice Class
  • 1d8 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d10 Stamina Dice Class

Pucas are fun loving and relaxed aelves that enjoy playing music and dancing. They use their melodies to attack, defend, cast spells, and other non-combat uses. Unlike other aelves whose source of magic comes from chanting, a Puca’s catalyst is the song that they play.

  • Pucas have a separate instrument mastery level
  • +2 Charisma
  • -2 MANA if primary weapon is an instrument
  • +2 bonus to save DC for Enchantment Spells if primary weapon is an instrument
  • Alter Self 3 times per day
  • Automatically gains the feat – Sight Read
  • 1d8 HP Dice Class
  • 1d10 Mana Dice Class
  • 1d6 Stamina Dice Class


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