Bottled Melody- A bottled melody plays immediately after opening. Bottle can be smashed (not reusable) or uncapped. Opening a bottle counts as a Swift Action.

Bandages- Bandages are required to make basic heal checks.

Thieves Tools- Thieves Tools are required to make Open Lock Checks.

Battering Ram- This iron-shod wooden beam gives you a +2 circumstance bonus on Strength checks made to break open a door and it allows a second person to help you without having to roll, increasing your bonus to +4.

Fishing Rod- Includes tackle. Required to catch fish.

Caltrops- Caltrops are small spiked steel balls. When scattered on the ground, they create hazardous terrain for people to move through. A bag of caltrops may be scattered on the ground, filling a 10-by-10 foot space. Anyone who moves through this space must make a reflex save (DC 12) or step on a caltrop. This save must be made every round the creature remains in the caltrop space. It takes 1 damage and can only move at half it’s base land speed (Because it has a caltrop stuck in it’s foot). It requires a standard action to remove the caltrop and bind the wound with a DC 15 heal check.

Barbed Wire- Long steel looped metal with razor blades protruding every few inches. Barbed wire is a handy tool for creating a defensive perimeter, but must be handled carefully. Barbed wire must be carried in a cloth bag, and laid with protective gloves, or the layer takes 1d4 damage. Anyone moving though barbed wire must make a DC 15 reflex save or take 1d4 damage while moving through a space with barbed wire. It takes a full round action to cut through barbed wire without getting cut. Opponents climbing though barbed wire (Either prone or vertically) get no save.

Net- A net consists of a long cord mesh bag that is attached to a long rope. A net can be used for fishing or for capturing enemies. A net is used to entangle enemies. When you throw a net, you make a ranged touch attack against your target. A net’s maximum range is 10 feet. If you hit, the target is entangled. An entangled creature takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls and a -4 penalty on Dexterity, can move at only half speed, and cannot charge or run. If you control the trailing rope by succeeding on an opposed Strength check while holding it, the entangled creature can move only within the limits that the rope allows.
An entangled creature can escape with a DC 20 Escape Artist check (a full-round action). The net has 5 hit points and can be burst with a DC 25 Strength check (also a full-round action).

Tower Shield- A tower shield is an enormous piece of wood and steel tower shields provide a +4 bonus to Armor Class, and require 2 hands to wield. Tower Shields cover your full body, and grant the wielder full cover from ranged attacks. There is a 50% chance the any ranged attack made against a tower shield wielder will fail automatically.

Bolt Cutters- This sturdy cutting tool can be used to chomp through chains, thin metal and iron bars. When used against objects no thicker then 1 inch in diameter, bolt cutters deal 15 points of damage to that item plus the user’s respective strength bonus.

Canteen- Container for liquids. A canteen can hold 1 gallon of water.

Crowbar- A crowbar grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Strength checks made for Prying up and open surfaces.

Ear Plugs- Ear plugs are a very situational piece of equipment. Fortunately, they are small and light weight. Ear plugs impose a -4 penalty on listen checks when worn. They also grant a +2 bonus to saves vs. sonic and auditory magical or supernatural effects.

Flint and Steel- Flint rock and a bar of steel. Flint and steel allows you to light fires as a standard action.

Grappling Hook- Spiked hook that latches onto surfaces. When attached to a rope, it can be used to scale vertical surfaces. Throwing a grappling hook successfully requires a Use Rope check (DC 10, +2 per 10 feet of distance thrown).

Lantern- A lantern clearly illuminates a 30-foot radius and provides shadowy illumination in a 60-foot radius. It burns for 6 hours on a pint of oil. You can carry a lantern in one hand.

Torch- A torch burns for 1 hour, clearly illuminating a 20-foot radius and providing shadowy illumination out to a 40-foot radius. If a torch is used in combat, treat it as a one-handed improvised weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a gauntlet of its size, plus 1 point of fire damage.

Lock- Locks secure things by holding them together. The DC to open a lock with the Open Lock skill depends on the lock’s quality: simple (DC 20), average (DC 25), good (DC 30), or superior (DC 40).

Manacles- Manacles can bind a Medium creature. A manacled creature can use the Escape Artist skill to slip free (DC 30, or DC 35 for masterwork manacles). Breaking the manacles requires a Strength check (DC 26, or DC 28 for masterwork manacles). Manacles have hardness 10 and 10 hit points.

Sprayer- This hand pumped device consists of a small tank, hose and nozzle. It can be used to disperse a liquid in either a stream or a fine mist. The tank must be refilled after 3 pumps.

Boot Sheath- A boot sheath allows you to store light weapons on your person without detection. A dagger, kunai, shuriken, brass knuckles, sap, dart gun, or war fan, in a boot sheath requires a DC 18 search check to find.

Portable Alchemy Lab- An alchemist’s lab always has the perfect tool for making alchemical items, so it provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks. It has no bearing on the costs related to the Craft (alchemy) skill. Without this lab, a character with the Craft (alchemy) skill is assumed to have enough tools to use the skill but not enough to get the +2 bonus that the lab provides.

Zipline Kit- A zipline kit consists of ropes, clasps, stakes and sliders. A set up zipline allows the user to speed over large distances using the power of gravity. Attaching to a zipline allows the user to move at a speed of 60 feet over any terrain as if they were flying over it.

Disguise Kit- Consisting of wigs, makeup, latex and small costume pieces, a disguise kit grants a +2 bonus to disguise checks.

Swimmer’s Kit- A swimmer’s kit is a simple set of flippers, goggles, and a snorkel. It grants a +2 bonus to swim checks.

Forgery Kit- A forgery kit is the perfect tool for creating realistic legal documents and permits. It grants a +2 bonus to forgery checks.

Navigator Kit- A navigator’s kit is great for when you’re REALLY lost. A navigator’s kit grants a +2 bonus to survival checks to discern direction.

Healing Kit- Filled with antiseptics, cutting tools, splints, bandages, and most importantly of all, Pain killers. A healing kit grants a +2 bonus to heal checks.

Camouflage Kit- Consisting of different types of artificial foliage and paint, a camouflage kit allows you to blend into the background. A camouflage kit grants a +4 bonus on hide checks.

Artisan’s Tools- These tools vary through a wide range of professions. Their Similarity comes from the fact that they are invaluable to craftsmen. Artisan’s Tools grant you a +2 bonus to either Craft (Masonry), Craft (Smithing), Craft (Carpentry), Craft (Tailor) or Craft (Cooking).

Ten Foot Pole- Possibly the greatest piece of equipment ever devised! This sturdy shaft of solid wood of your choice is an adventurer’s best friend. With nearly unlimited use, a ten foot pole has been the downfall of villains throughout the universe. When we see a ten foot pole, we may in fact be looking into the eyes of god. What’s that you say? How can a ten foot pole do anything? IT’S TOTALLY USELESS!? What’s wrong with you?! It’s a ten foot pole you stooge! Use your imagination!
Known uses of a 10 foot pole:

Makeshift paddle
Emergency quarterstaff
Trap disarmer
Poking object
Bush flushing item
Friend annoyance device
Hog-tying pole
Tightrope balancing
Gross people avoidance device
Emergency crutches
Soup Stir-er
Very awkward oven mitt
Severed head display shaft
Replacement pole weapon shaft
Hobo pack stick
Improvised yoke
Pinata stick
Door stop
Door wedge
Lever or improvised crowbar
Awkward fishing pole
Rolling pin
Measuring stick
Acidity test
Roasting spit
Very long hammer
Very short bridge
An imaginary pony
Makeshift weapon
Emergency firewood


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